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Corning Wine, Food and Art Festival Contributes to Positive Local Image

24 Feb

Published in Red Bluff Daily News

February 25, 2012 

Submitted By Laurie Dana

The Corning Rotary is hoping for record attendance at the Corning Wine, Food, and Art Festival this Friday and Saturday, February 24 and 25 at Rolling Hills Casino. The Rotary isn’t alone with high expectations for the annual event. As a showcase for local wines and food products, the festival has a potential benefit that goes beyond raising funds for the Rotary Foundation. 

The Wine, Food, and Art Festival attracts people from all over Northern California who would not normally visit Corning,” said Kate Grissom, Marketing Director of Rolling Hills Casino. “The event complements the efforts of local individuals, organizations, and businesses to promote our region and bring more tourists into the area.” 

The effort referred to by Grissom is the Tehama County Branding Project, an initiative to improve thelocal economy through tourism.

 “Studies show that tourists often plan their visits around what’s happening in the area. Also, events can create an image about the culture and appeal of a community. If well organized, an event can strengthen a community’s brand. We believe that the annual Corning Wine, Food, and Art Festival does just that,” said Grissom.

 “Tehama County is a world-renowned producer of walnuts, olives, wines and fruits.  The` Branding Project is all about showcasing our bounty to tourists and residents, and while theevent is not an official part of the initiative, it is the type of event that co-brands the image we want people to have of Corning and Tehama County,” agreed Kristen Berhens, former Chamber of Commerce President. 

“Brands are perceptions based on what people expect to experience,” said Roger Brooks, whose company Destination Development International was hired to help create a brand for Tehama County that resonates with both tourists and locals. On March 6, Brooks will unveil branding proposals for Tehama County, Manton, and Red Bluff.  The brand will take into account the attributes that differentiate Tehama County from other destinations, which includes activities such as wine tasting in the mountains, olive tasting, and other agri-tourism opportunities. 

“For those visiting Tehama County for the first time, the Wine, Food, and Art Festival will make a lasting impression about our community. If it is a success, it will reinforce the image of friendly people, abundant natural resources, and a great place to live and visit. That’s just the image we want in our brand,” said Grissom 


The Tehama County Branding Project is a movement in response to an opportunity and desire to improve the economic prosperity of Tehama County and its anchor communities of Red Bluff, Manton and Corning.  Branding: economic prosperity is a community investment in a journey of discovery and the development of activities, enhancements and new business opportunities that reinforce our community lend to the greater community prosperity and create loyalty beyond reason.

The Brand Leadership Team is encouraging the community to invest in this very worthwhile project. There are more ghost towns (and counties) in the making today than ever before in North American history. As we lose our core industries, nearly every town and city is working to reinventitself as a desirable place for investment, to live, and to visit


Tehama County Trying for its Own Economic Brand; Consultant’s Plan Due Soon

4 Jan
By Janet O’Neil
Published by The Record Searchlight on November 30th, 2011

The movement to boost economic prosperity in Tehama County is about to come into sharper focus, with the imminent return of a consultant advising the community. Roger Brooks, president and CEO of Seattle-based Destination Development International, is expected to unveil a plan after the first of the year, said Kristin Behrens, marketing and community relations manager at St. Elizabeth Community Hospital in Red Bluff and a spokeswoman for the Tehama County Branding Project.

Initially, organizers hoped to have distinct brands for Red Bluff, Corning and Manton, plus an “umbrella brand” for the county, by early December. But more discussions are needed among the four teams helping develop those identities. “We’re gathering some feedback now,” Behrens said Tuesday. “We’ll review what we love and what we want to see different.”

Those brand-development teams sprang in part from an August workshop Brooks gave in Corning, after which he held some 20 meetings with groups around the county. He also launched a survey to help identify what’s valued in the area. “We had a favorable number of responses” to the questionnaire, Behrens said, but an exact number was not immediately available.

If an early November fundraiser is any indication, enthusiasm remains high for the effort. The 100-mile Harvest dinner and auction brought in nearly $20,000, Behrens said, compared with $12,500 raised at the inaugural event a year ago. Produce, grains and poultry from area farms were featured, along with nuts from local orchards and wines from Manton. Trail rides, an outing on the Sacramento River and a stay at Drakesbad Guest Ranch at Lassen Volcanic National Park were among items auctioned. Brooks has maintained that Manton’s wines and Lassen park have long been overlooked as tourist magnets. Last year, he and his staff toured the area by car, compiling the region’s assets and liabilities in a 97-page report.

Tehama has been working on the notion of a brand since 2009, after a report on economic growth suggested it as a means to lure people off the freeway by capturing a unique image. The original goal was to raise $200,000, including $125,000 for the work done by Brooks plus a $75,000 war chest to sustain marketing efforts. By August 2011, organizers had raised about $75,000, enough to pay for the first phase.

To see the original story, please visit: http://www.redding.com/news/2011/nov/30/tehama-to-get-economic-brand/

Registration Now Open!

30 Jun
Job Training Center, Tehama EDC, the Tehama County Branding Project, Red Bluff Daily News, Red Bluff/Tehama County Chamber of Commerce, & Rolling Hills Casino present

Seeds of Opportunity:
The Art of Branding a Community

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011
8:00 AM to Noon
Rolling Hills Casino (2655 Barham Road – Corning, CA)
$25.00 per person – Breakfast is included

Phase I: Roger Brooks returns August 2nd

Thanks to your support and generosity and the hard work of many brand champions throughout Tehama County, we have successfully entered into the branding process with Roger Brooks of Destination Development International, Inc. Whether or not you’ve seen Roger Brooks during his past visits, you don’t want to miss this workshop, The Art of Branding a Community, the next step towards a county wide brand and brands for Corning, Red Bluff and Manton.

What’s included in this phase? What can we expect?

Research review, market analysis, a community survey, development and brand direction, visuals and identity concepts, marketing graphics and more. Ultimately, the brands developed will be decided through a sound, tested process and the best information available.

From August through December

This isn’t a plan to put on a shelf. This isn’t a product we’ll receive five years from now. It starts on August 2nd and by December we’ll be well on our way. Join us at Rolling Hills Casino. We want your thoughts, your ideas, and your presence.

Any questions? Call 530-529-7000 or email awigno@ncen.org

Red Bluff Daily News Article

31 Jan

Branding effort on mark

Special to the Daily News
Updated: 01/26/2011 10:53:47 AM PST
The work to brand Tehama County as a tourism destination continues to gain momentum, with nearly $50,000 raised and just $20,000 more needed to sign a contract with Roger Brooks for Phase I of Brand Development. Donations have been received from all over the county.

…click here to read the entire story at the Red Bluff Daily News.

Project Timeline

31 Jan

Our plan has dates!

We sat down and looked at where we’ve been, where we are and where we need to go, and created this timeline. Click on the graphic above to download the hi-res version so you can see for yourself. We’ll add more events as they solidify.


4 Dec

Why we’re raising Funds:
Roger Brooks energized Tehama County with his assessment of our area and his insight on what we look like to the first-time visitor. He built a compelling case for tourism to help expand our economic diversity, create more opportunities for businesses and jobs, and for making our area into a destination more enjoyable for both visitors and residents. Brooks touted tourism as the front door to non-tourism economic development efforts because anyone thinking of moving their business or residence first looks at potential communities from the viewpoint of a visitor.

The Challenge:
Vibrant communities that attract visitors and offer great quality of life for their residents don’t’ just happen by themselves. We’re competing with thousands of other communities for new business, industry, private investment, visitors, and revitalization. Communities must operate more like business and set themselves apart from the competition with a unique image….a successful brand that conveys things to do that the visitor can’t do closer to home.

How do we develop a successful branding effort to bring new cash into the community, and build a stronger sense of community pride?
A group of community members representing various organizations and businesses have come together to spearhead a campaign to raise the funds needed to move forward. Roger Brooks, who provided us the assessment, submitted a proposal for his services to ‘brand’ Tehama County. The fee for his services is $125,000 and includes a team of professionals from Destination Development International www.destinationdevelopment.com to produce a Branding, Development & Marketing Action Plan.

What do we get?
For our investment, we’ll receive a county-wide umbrella brand (what do we want to be known for); product development action steps (what do we need to do to deliver on our brand promise); and a marketing plan (how to tell the world). In addition to the County-wide brand, brand identities will be developed for each of the three communities of Red Bluff, Corning and Manton. We’ll have key marketing messages for each, and a County graphics package that includes the brand mark, variations for use by local organizations, and concepts for full-page print ads, websites, banners, way finding signage, brand posters, brochure covers, and other promotional materials.

Who will make the decision?
Tehama County residents and stakeholder groups will have the opportunity to provide their ideas regarding the future brand of the County through multiple meetings, interviews, workshops and surveys with Roger Brooks. We will identify where we want to go, and then research by Brooks’ team will help us make sure the direction is feasible. Community brands are an economic decision built on feasibility rather than local sentiment alone. Research including demographics, primary and secondary markets, tapestry studies, perception analysis, and competitive analysis will help us finalize the brand. Above all, we’ll receive professional guidance and expertise to create a successful and profitable visitor attraction strategy.

Ready to invest in the exciting future of Tehama County?
Our goal is to raise $200,000 before March 30, 2011 to retain Roger Brooks and to build a marketing fund. We need businesses, residents and fans of Tehama County to join the campaign

Tehama EDC 529-7100 or the Red Bluff-Tehama County Chamber of Commerce 527-6220.