4 Dec

Why we’re raising Funds:
Roger Brooks energized Tehama County with his assessment of our area and his insight on what we look like to the first-time visitor. He built a compelling case for tourism to help expand our economic diversity, create more opportunities for businesses and jobs, and for making our area into a destination more enjoyable for both visitors and residents. Brooks touted tourism as the front door to non-tourism economic development efforts because anyone thinking of moving their business or residence first looks at potential communities from the viewpoint of a visitor.

The Challenge:
Vibrant communities that attract visitors and offer great quality of life for their residents don’t’ just happen by themselves. We’re competing with thousands of other communities for new business, industry, private investment, visitors, and revitalization. Communities must operate more like business and set themselves apart from the competition with a unique image….a successful brand that conveys things to do that the visitor can’t do closer to home.

How do we develop a successful branding effort to bring new cash into the community, and build a stronger sense of community pride?
A group of community members representing various organizations and businesses have come together to spearhead a campaign to raise the funds needed to move forward. Roger Brooks, who provided us the assessment, submitted a proposal for his services to ‘brand’ Tehama County. The fee for his services is $125,000 and includes a team of professionals from Destination Development International to produce a Branding, Development & Marketing Action Plan.

What do we get?
For our investment, we’ll receive a county-wide umbrella brand (what do we want to be known for); product development action steps (what do we need to do to deliver on our brand promise); and a marketing plan (how to tell the world). In addition to the County-wide brand, brand identities will be developed for each of the three communities of Red Bluff, Corning and Manton. We’ll have key marketing messages for each, and a County graphics package that includes the brand mark, variations for use by local organizations, and concepts for full-page print ads, websites, banners, way finding signage, brand posters, brochure covers, and other promotional materials.

Who will make the decision?
Tehama County residents and stakeholder groups will have the opportunity to provide their ideas regarding the future brand of the County through multiple meetings, interviews, workshops and surveys with Roger Brooks. We will identify where we want to go, and then research by Brooks’ team will help us make sure the direction is feasible. Community brands are an economic decision built on feasibility rather than local sentiment alone. Research including demographics, primary and secondary markets, tapestry studies, perception analysis, and competitive analysis will help us finalize the brand. Above all, we’ll receive professional guidance and expertise to create a successful and profitable visitor attraction strategy.

Ready to invest in the exciting future of Tehama County?
Our goal is to raise $200,000 before March 30, 2011 to retain Roger Brooks and to build a marketing fund. We need businesses, residents and fans of Tehama County to join the campaign

Tehama EDC 529-7100 or the Red Bluff-Tehama County Chamber of Commerce 527-6220.


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