Starry Starry Night

16 Jul

The Event is still on!

People have been asking us if the fires burning in the Park will affect the event. The fires are on the northern most boundary of the Park and the event is at the Visitor’s Center on the southern most boundary of the Park, over 11 miles (if you’re a crow.) Additionally, prevailing winds are to the north or east and we should have awesomely clear skies the night of event! Tickets on sale at

Starry Starry Night

The Event is still on!

The current forest fires are at the opposite side of the Park and have been burning well away from the Visitor’s Center at the Southwest Entrance. Prevailing winds have blowing the smoke to the north or east and we should have clear skies for the night of event.

Join us for a spectacular night of dinner and dancing under the star filled sky of Lassen Volcanic National Park on Saturday, August 18, 2012, from7pm – 11pm.

Sip bubbly while nibbling on gourmet desserts while watching the celestial glow of the Milky Way overhead.

Tickets are $50/person, and transportation is available from Red Bluff (space is limited) for an additional $25.

Tickets are available at:

Discover Earth in Red Bluff

Enjoy the Store in Redding

For further information, call Sky at (530)529-7000. All proceeds benefit the Tehama Branding Project.


National Park Week

20 Apr

Fun things are happening in our county! We’ve hung our hat on Lassen and if you haven’t been to the Park, next week is a great time to visit.

All next week is National Park Week (April 21-29, 2012) and admission is free at all national parks, including our own Lassen Volcanic National Park. See you at the Visitor’s Center!

Click here for details on National Park Week

Seeds of Opportunity

3 Apr

Join us for Phase II of the Branding Project: Action Planning Workshop!

This is an important session, and if you’ve been involved in the Branding Project, you need to be here!

The session runs from 10am t0 4pm on Thursday, April 12, 2012 at the Rolling Hills Casino Event Center, and this meeting is were the rubber meets the road. We’re done deciding what our brand direction is and now we’re rolling up our sleeves and building a giant To-Do list and figuring out what comes first. If you’ve ever had any ideas or pet projects you wanted to accomplish for your town, now is the time to come and be heard.

Cost is $25 and you can register by calling the Job Training Center at 529-7000 and asking for Sky Lown.

Manton Wine Tour April 7th

20 Mar

Everyone had such a fun time last year that we’re doing this again!

Get on a bus, have a good time with friends, taste wines at three different wineries, have more good time with friends on the ride back to Red Bluff.

Click on the PayPal icon below to buy tickets. There’s only so many seats on a bus, buy your tickets soon!

Solution Graphics

Phase One Is Complete!

27 Feb

Corning Wine, Food and Art Festival Contributes to Positive Local Image

24 Feb

Published in Red Bluff Daily News

February 25, 2012 

Submitted By Laurie Dana

The Corning Rotary is hoping for record attendance at the Corning Wine, Food, and Art Festival this Friday and Saturday, February 24 and 25 at Rolling Hills Casino. The Rotary isn’t alone with high expectations for the annual event. As a showcase for local wines and food products, the festival has a potential benefit that goes beyond raising funds for the Rotary Foundation. 

The Wine, Food, and Art Festival attracts people from all over Northern California who would not normally visit Corning,” said Kate Grissom, Marketing Director of Rolling Hills Casino. “The event complements the efforts of local individuals, organizations, and businesses to promote our region and bring more tourists into the area.” 

The effort referred to by Grissom is the Tehama County Branding Project, an initiative to improve thelocal economy through tourism.

 “Studies show that tourists often plan their visits around what’s happening in the area. Also, events can create an image about the culture and appeal of a community. If well organized, an event can strengthen a community’s brand. We believe that the annual Corning Wine, Food, and Art Festival does just that,” said Grissom.

 “Tehama County is a world-renowned producer of walnuts, olives, wines and fruits.  The` Branding Project is all about showcasing our bounty to tourists and residents, and while theevent is not an official part of the initiative, it is the type of event that co-brands the image we want people to have of Corning and Tehama County,” agreed Kristen Berhens, former Chamber of Commerce President. 

“Brands are perceptions based on what people expect to experience,” said Roger Brooks, whose company Destination Development International was hired to help create a brand for Tehama County that resonates with both tourists and locals. On March 6, Brooks will unveil branding proposals for Tehama County, Manton, and Red Bluff.  The brand will take into account the attributes that differentiate Tehama County from other destinations, which includes activities such as wine tasting in the mountains, olive tasting, and other agri-tourism opportunities. 

“For those visiting Tehama County for the first time, the Wine, Food, and Art Festival will make a lasting impression about our community. If it is a success, it will reinforce the image of friendly people, abundant natural resources, and a great place to live and visit. That’s just the image we want in our brand,” said Grissom 


The Tehama County Branding Project is a movement in response to an opportunity and desire to improve the economic prosperity of Tehama County and its anchor communities of Red Bluff, Manton and Corning.  Branding: economic prosperity is a community investment in a journey of discovery and the development of activities, enhancements and new business opportunities that reinforce our community lend to the greater community prosperity and create loyalty beyond reason.

The Brand Leadership Team is encouraging the community to invest in this very worthwhile project. There are more ghost towns (and counties) in the making today than ever before in North American history. As we lose our core industries, nearly every town and city is working to reinventitself as a desirable place for investment, to live, and to visit


Richard Mazzucchi – Positive Point: Branding is good for business

23 Feb

Published in Red Bluff Daily News 

February 14, 2012

Branding and earmarks are useful for more than cattle management – they are essential to the creation of a robust tourism industry.

Now I’m not suggesting that local professionals go get tattoo’s and ear piercings, but that we get behind the professional examination and development of concepts to help develop the local tourist trade.

I was quite skeptical of the value of such an effort at first, seeing it as an opportunity for outsiders to get paid to tell us what we should already know.

That was until I read the “Assessment Findings and Suggestions Report – Tehama County, California -September, 2010” prepared by Decision Development International (DDI) for the Red Bluff-Tehama Chamber of Commerce.

The assessment provides an unbiased overview of the county – how it is seen by a visitor.

It includes a review of local marketing efforts, signage, attractions, critical mass, retail mix, ease of getting around, customer service, visitor amenities such as parking and public washrooms, overall appeal, and the community’s ability to attract overnight visitors.

This nearly 100-page report is chocked full of observations, pictures, and concepts to attract and retain repeat visitors to our area and local businesses. DDI’s observations are from the perspective of important target audiences for the growth of our local economy, specifically well heeled travelers in search of new and exciting experiences worthy of an overnight or longer stay.

The authors astutely recommend that we promote activities, not just scenic vistas and ambiance. When people see others doing fun activities in a great setting, it’s easy for them to imagine themselves there too. Visitors don’t really care about boundaries – it doesn’t matter if they are in a specific region, county, district, city or town.

Consequently our prime locations such as historic downtown and scenic wonders are not principle lures, instead they are opportunities we must develop to produce the ambiance and activities they can provide.

While such a distinction may seem obvious it is not. Consider the movie “Field of Dreams,” where it isn’t the real estate that brings throngs of players and fans to the fields of Nebraska, it is the draw of well played baseball and the passion of the people involved.
Such is the value of the unique attributes of the North State with our robust agricultural and ranching industries, rich history, and wonderful outdoor attractions.

Efforts like the tasting rooms at Lucero and local vintners, the fruit stands and businesses along State Highway 99E, and Lassen National Park are great examples of experiences that bring people and money to our area.

More of the same is called for to highlight local ranching, fishing, hunting, hiking, river rafting, craftsmanship, and historical touring to name a few.

I highly recommend that anyone with an interest in the local economy and business development review this excellent report and get behind the proposal now on the table to grab the bull by the horns and build our own field of dreams.

Please take the time to consider DDI’s proposal for helping us do just that by examining the document entitled:

“Proposal for Tehama County, California – Tehama County Branding, Development & Marketing Action Plan – September, 2010. Both the assessment and proposal documents can be viewed at Pursuit of their proposal will provide Tehama County with a unique flexible plan and step-bystep guide to developing a strong county-wide umbrella brand (what we want to be known for); it includes product development action steps (what we need to do to “own” the brand) and a marketing plan (how to tell the world).

The plan will also provide a guide for brand development for the communities of Corning, Red Bluff, and Manton – their own unique focus under the countywide umbrella brand.

I suggest that Vina, Gerber, Tehama and Los Molinos be added to this list.

While one might wonder why we can’t just do the work ourselves, after some thought it is easy to understand we lack the objectivity and experience needed to come to do it in a timely fashion.

The passion of those with a stake in the outcome can be a liability instead of an essential force for advancement without tactful direction.

The chamber needs our involvement and support and they are worthy of funding from local businesses and our city and county commissioners because branding is good for business.


Richard Mazzucchi is a retired research engineer specializing in energy efficiency and renewable energy. He has travelled extensively and now makes his home in Los Molinos, where he is striving to manifest a sustainable and spiritual lifestyle and operate a babecue equipment and supply business. He can be reached at